Baby Adrianne is Online!!!

Adrianne Carole Rathmell was born at 7:18 on Octoberr 14.  She weighed in at 7 lbs. 8 oz. and was 20.5 inches long.  The pregnancy went pretty smoothly.  I didn't even get all that tired :-) though Jen was a little sore the next day.  Not in the normal places though.  The most sore part of her body was her arms because the Doctor had her hold her legs while she was pushing.  The curse was definitely less for Jen than the average woman.  It's so much fun just to look at Adrianne and hold her, watch her wiggle her toes and shake her arms.  Jen was able to come home from the hospital on Monday night and on Tuesday night she is off to Handbells while I take care of Adrianne.  We have people providing meals for us for a week which is great.  I am loving the leftover Strawberry desert.



Here's Jen after the first night home.  She was a little tired after having to get up numerous times through the night.  All 3 of us took a mid morning nap today.  Today we have higher hopes for getting a little more sleep.

We still have not replaced the webpages that are missing from when the server crashed.  We hope to have the website back in full swing in another couple of weeks.

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