Des Moines, IOWA

I think Iowa must've come up with a new slogan in the last couple years or so.  My siblings and I always joked that you could tell that you were in Iowa because it smelled like pigs sloshing around in stinky mud.  But then, I guess, they really couldn't use that as a state slogan, could they?  (Sorry, Mom)

We pulled up to meet Ryan just walking in from work.  Such a business man, he is.  Leah was busy coaching volleyball, so Ryan and Buddy went to go rescue the "baby" from her, and the bouncing balls.  The baby's real name is Mackensie, but is usually referred to as simply "baby".


While there, Ryan got to change baby in the school kitchen.  Always a good thing to see a naked baby on the counter top, huh?


The second picture is of Ryan spinning their dog relentlessly, and stopping just on the verge of MJ (or "dog") throwing up.  This dog is really in need of  a good home, so if you know anyone in the Des Moines area, please let us know.

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