The New Bus

 We just finished painting the bus about 2 weeks ago and it's already toured the state.  When we were home this past weekend we made new curtains to replace the old greasy pink ones.  It turned into an 7 hour family affair as we tried to figure out why the sewing machine was bunching up every time we started sewing.  Jen  found directions on the internet (and won $15 in a bet with Buddy....who said she wouldn't be able to find them), and Dad ended up doing most of sewing.  I hung them up in the bus with the help of my brother David.


We had to paint the bus because the old paint was not repelling the water.  It turned out to be a lot of work but we got to know our neighbor's on Stipp Court a lot better.  Every day we would drag ourselves out to the 100 degree garage and sand away.  Jen particularly liked that part (she's wierd like that) because she got to be all detailed and stuff, while it slowly drove me crazy.
We went with the multi-colored theme because we didn't want to be too normal, yet didn't want to be too crazy.  It's hard to find that mix, but we think we got pretty close.  We LOVE it!  It brings about many a smile as we drive down the road.

So, here it is...the van that will, hopefully, take us across the country and back.   We still have to get new tires, and finish painting the top, but other than that, it's ready and raring to go.  We can't wait to see all of you, and you'll for sure, be able to see us coming!  Yee-haw!

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