Des Moines, Day 2

We decided to stick around Des Moines another day, to see Ryan and Leah's youth ministry and get to share about our future ministry in Okinawa.  Buddy and I did the town in about 3 hours that morning, with almost one hour dedicated to finding Cathy Durand at CDS.  Jen worked with Cathy back when she had a job.

Ryan & Leah have been leading the youth group for the last two years since the full time youth pastor left.  They have really enjoyed it and it seems like they are doing a great job.  Ryan and I drove to youth group in the Bus and stopped by to pick up Kevin and John. Kevin thought that Ryan had bought a new bus for the youth group when he saw us come around the corner.

Not only does Ryan run the youth group but he has taken to playing the guitar.  I was totally surprised to see him break it out before youth group.  We showed part of our video on our ministry in Okinawa and I got to share a little about the ministry that we will have to American military kids there.

This is Leah in front of the beautiful Fry house.  She also took the footage of us pushing the bus to get it started.  Those of you that have been following all along will remember that we got the starter replaced in San Diego but it quickly died again so we are back to parking on hills or when we are in states like Iowa, pushing the bus to get it started.


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